The 2012-13 Hatchlings Need a Name!

Our hatchlings arrived last week.  Turtle 1029 came from Turtle Mother 30 and was hatched on August 27th.  This hatchling weighed 11.4 grams and was 37.4 mm in length.  Turtle 1038 came from Turtle Mother 2030 and was hatched on August 28th.  This little turtle weighed in at 9.5 grams and was 37.5 mm in length.

Your job tonight is to come up with two potential names for the turtles.  But, here’s the catch.  They either need to be named after someone who MADE A DIFFERENCE or it should be a name meaning turtle in another language (Kame and Kachua mean turtle in Japanese and Hindu).  You should write about why you think this would be a good name for the turtles.

Your post should be 3 to 4 sentences for EACH name.  You should write your post on a word processing document first and then edit it carefully for punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar.  Then you can post it into the blog.

Have fun with this and be creative!


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  1. I want to give them a lovely name. Names like Annie, Nancy, Emily, Cherry or Cindy are lovely. For boys’ names, they could be Barry, Danny, Robbie, Cole, or Jerry.

    • Hi EC4: You have selected some nice names for the turtles. We will not know if they are a male or female until probably the spring time. Mrs. Erickson

  2. EC18: I think that one of the turtles should be named Zelva. Zelva means turtle or tortoise in Czech. The reason it’s Czech is because my dad’s side is Czech. I think that the other turtle could be called Tortuga Marina. This means turtle in Spanish. For short, we could just call this turtle Tortuga. I hope you put these names into consideration. Thank you for my opinion.

  3. I think Houdini and Kennedy are good names for turtles because they are both famous people in history. Harry Houdini was a famous magician that was born in Budapest and then moved to Detroit, Michigan. Harry Houdini was known well for being a great escape artist. John F. Kennedy was famous for being the 35th president of the U.S. He also was the first president wanted to land a man on the moon safely. These names represent skills and qualities we hope our turtles have.

    • Hi EC21: Interesting ideas. I’m not sure we want our turtles to be an escape artist though! Nice closing sentence. Mrs. Erickson

  4. I like the idea of naming the turtles after someone important a lot. The first turtle could be named Trotsky, after Leon Trotsky, the Russian communist revolution leader. I believe he was a great leader even though I am mostly capitalist. Trotsky was unique in his love for writing; I’ve always liked that about him. His writing was what made a difference in many cases.

    For the other turtle, I was thinking its name might be Katal, which is Tamil for turtle. Tamil caught my eye because of a book. In “The Mysterious Benedict Society”, Reynie can speak a bit of Tamil. Reynie was a natural leader, and Katal is a beautiful name.

    • Hi EC10: How do you know about Trotsky? You obviously have learned about him somewhere as your paragraph was really well written. Katal is also another interesting name idea. It is going to be hard to chose a name with all of these great ideas. Mrs. Erickson

  5. EC13–I think that Blanding’s turtle number 1029 should be called Honu, because I believe that is ‘turtle’ in Polynesian (or Hawaiian). Honu might be a good name because it does, after all, mean turtle, though in a different language. I didn’t only choose it because it’s in a foreign language, though. I think that it would be good to have Honu since then it wouldn’t be a name that was strictly for boys or strictly for girls.
    My opinion for the name of Blanding’s turtle number 1038 is different: I think this turtle should be named after a person who made a difference. This turtle could be named Seuss, after Dr. Seuss. I believe that Dr. Seuss made a huge difference in the lives of many children and also changed the way that children thought about books. He made reading a fun thing to do, instead of simply drilling letters into students’ heads. Though Dr. Seuss wasn’t the first author to do so, he certainly livened things up a bit! These are my reasons for hoping to name turtle number 1038 Seuss.
    Well, those are my thoughts for turtle naming!

  6. Hi EC13: You did a really good job coming up with two well thought out names. I think you have some really compelling reasons on why to name one of the turtles “Seuss”. It is going to be really hard to select. Nice job writing your blog. Mrs. Erickson

  7. I think you should name one of the turtles Wu Guei. That is how you say turtle in chinese. I want it to be chinese becauses i’m chinese

    For the other turtle I want his name to be Lincoln. It is short for Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln helped free slaves. Well thats it.

  8. I think we should name one turtle after Michael Phelps because people all over the world think he is amazing. When he was in school, it was really hard for him. Then he started swimming and he loved it. He spent a lot of time swimming and worked very hard. And now he is Michael Phelps, the person who has won 22 Olympic medals (18 gold), more than any other person ever.

    We could name the second turtle Benjamin Franklin. Or, we could name one turtle “Frank” and the other turtle “Lin”. Benjamin Franklin helped make the laws for our country. He invented a lot of things too. He is most famous for discovering electricity. I can’t imagine my life without electricity!

  9. My turtle names that I want to pick for the two turtles are Martin and Tortugã. I chose Martin because of Martin Luther King Jr. He changed history. He wanted Black people to be free. I chose Tortugã because that is turtle in Spanish. I chose Spanish because my family heritage is Spanish.

  10. EC16: I think we should name turtle 1029 in Greek. Greek myths are filled with daring individuals who were brave and strong. I want our turtle to be named after a culture who valued great wisdom. The Greeks gave us math, medicine, and democracy. That is why I chose the name χελώνα. Type this link in the search bar to find out how to pronounce the Greek word for turtle:

    I think turtle 1038 should be named Carson after Rachel Carson. She was an aquatic biologist for the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. In 1962, she wrote the book, Silent Spring. It opened the eyes of the public to the damage of pesticides on the environment. She is thought of as a pioneer in the modern environmental movement.

  11. Since the turtles like rocks so much, I think one turtle should be named rock in another language. After trying many languages, I like stijena. This is Croatian for rock. Any turtle who likes rocks so much should be named after one, and I’m sure the turtles will like it. Also, Croatia is very artistic and I have seen rock carvings from there. Croatia has many monuments from the past that are remembered, and I sure do hope these turtles will be remembered for many years. To learn how to pronounce stijena go to the following website:

    Another name I think would be good for a turtle is Henry after Henry David Thoreau. I have two reasons why a turtle should be named this. Firstly, the turtles will be raised at Thoreau and I think it’s a good idea to name it after our school. Secondly, Henry David Thoreau chose to live in a place where he could observe nature. He spent a lot of time writing about nature. If a turtle is named after Henry David Thoreau, it would remind us to appreciate nature and protect our environment. Who knows? Maybe it can be the first turtle to write!

  12. EC:3

    I think turtle 1029’s name should be Tortuga marina, which is turtle in Spanish. I think this can be the name because think Spanish is cool and I think Tortuga marina is a cool name. I think turtle 1038’s name should be Washington. I think this can be the name because Gorge Washington helped us become a free country and he was the first president of the U.S.A.

  13. La Tortuga, I think is a good name for a turtle because we have a very large Spanish community in the U.S.. Another reason is it will help you in middle school with Spanish if you take it. Zeeschidpad I think this is a good name because it sounds nothing Kame so people will not get confused. Also it is very fun to say.

  14. χελώνα means turtle in Greek. It’s pronounced kee-LONE-ah. I liked how the Greek name sounded, also, I think that Greek is a cool language to learn because the country is so ancient. My second name is tortuga marina, which means turtle in Spanish, according to Google translator. My reasons for choosing Spanish is because it’s easy to pronouce and it sounds nice. Also the name Marina is really pretty and it reminds me of rainbows and water.

  15. The turtle names I want are Tortuga and Turtur. Firt of all I want Tortuga because my moms side is from Honduras in Central America and my dad is from El Salvador, so my whole family speaks Spanish, so we are very Latino.

    For the other turtle I want the name to be Turtur which is turtle in Latin. I chose Latin because I think the language is cool and I want to learn how to speak some.

  16. I think that one of are turtles names should be kilpikonna which is the finnish word for turtle. I think that kilpikonna is a good name because it sounds nice to the ear and you can pronounce it. Finland is made out of many different regions and different cultures. They also make a good looking pastry called Karjalanpiirakka.
    I think our other turtles name should be Thoreau after Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau is a good name because it’s the name of our school. Henry David Thoreau was a great man and took many walks and loved nature a ton, like turtles.

  17. EC5

    I wanted the first turtle’s name to be a unique name so I called my grandfather to ask him how to say turtle in Arabic. My grandfather is from Egypt so he would know best. The word for turtle in Arabic is zohlefa. I thought that that would be a really cool name for a turtle. I might need to teach people how to pronounce it if that name is picked.

    I wanted the second name to be unique too. So I looked up a bunch of names in other languages and didn’t really find anything that I liked and that we could pronounce. So I looked around my mom’s office and saw a poster of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I thought about it and said it out loud. The name could be Sendak. I like the sound of it. I think Maurice Sendak made a difference by writing Where the Wild Things Are in 1963. When I was a little kid I really liked that book and I know it’s been a popular book for many people and it’s been around for a while. Turtles are also wild things!

  18. I think we should name the turtle tartaruga because im a quarter italian and my dad and grandmother are italian.Another name for the turtels could be lincoln because abraham lincoln made a big difference that shaped america in a big way.And i really hope you guys will pick my names.

  19. I think we name one of the turtles Lincoln, after the president Abraham Lincoln. It should be named this because he was a really great president. He always told the truth, people called him “Honest Abe”. This is why it will be a great turtle name.

    Another great name for a turtle is Obama, after our president. I think Barack Obama is a great president. A turtle should feel proud being named after a president.

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