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The 2012-13 Hatchlings Need a Name!

Our hatchlings arrived last week.  Turtle 1029 came from Turtle Mother 30 and was hatched on August 27th.  This hatchling weighed 11.4 grams and was 37.4 mm in length.  Turtle 1038 came from Turtle Mother 2030 and was hatched on August 28th.  This little turtle weighed in at 9.5 grams and was 37.5 mm in length.

Your job tonight is to come up with two potential names for the turtles.  But, here’s the catch.  They either need to be named after someone who MADE A DIFFERENCE or it should be a name meaning turtle in another language (Kame and Kachua mean turtle in Japanese and Hindu).  You should write about why you think this would be a good name for the turtles.

Your post should be 3 to 4 sentences for EACH name.  You should write your post on a word processing document first and then edit it carefully for punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar.  Then you can post it into the blog.

Have fun with this and be creative!