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Eastern Vernal Pools, Moore’s Swamp or Great Meadows? That is the Question

Kachua and Kame – reunited!

We have a decision to make regarding Kachua.  Dr. Windmiller is allowing us to decide where she will be released on Saturday, June 23rd.  If we want her to have a turtle tracker, she will need to be released at Great Meadows or at the Eastern Vernal Pools.  If we don’t want her to have a tracker, she can be released at Moore’s Swamp.

Based on what you know about the habitats at these  locations, please write a persuasive paragraph about where you think Kachua should be released.  You should use an elaborated paragraph template, complete with your FREDS, say mores, and a so what at the end.

Great Meadows

Mrs. Erickson at one of the Eastern Vernal Pools

Moore’s Swamp

Headstart found at Great Meadows July 2011