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The Release of Yertle

On June 15th, we journeyed to Moore’s Swamp to release Yertle.  Lynn-D will stay with us for several more weeks to get a little bigger.

Here’s some of our movies about this event

By EC19:

By EC2:

by EC18


A Letter to Yertle and Lynn-D from the Blanding’s Turtles of Moore’s Swamp

Moore's Swamp on a Cold January Day

This Wednesday, we will be traveling to Moore’s Swamp to release our head-start Yertle.  Your job on this post is to pretend you are one of the turtles who

Yertle and Lynn-D Hanging Out

live at Moore’s Swamp and write a letter to Yertle and Lynn-D, welcoming them to their  new home.  You can either be a headstart who was released there last year, a turtle who naturally just moved there, or one of the CCHS headstarts who were just released there a week ago.  You should first watch the movie that I just created to help you write this post.

Your letter, which should be two paragraphs in length, should contain the following information:

1.  Information about the turtle writing the letter to Yertle and Lynn-D  

2.  What Moore’s Swamp is like?  What types of producers live around there?  Why are producers an important part of the food chain?  Where do the producers get their energy from? What other types of animals might Yertle and Lynn-D encounter?

3.  What type of weather will Yertle and Lynn-D be encountering.  Think about what the weather has been like over the past week.

4.  What types of activities and fun will Yertle and Lynn-D have once they get to Moore’s Swamp?  What types of food have the other turtles found in Moore’s Swamp?  What do the other turtles do on a daily basis?

5.  What the other turtles are looking forward to showing Yertle and Lynn-D once they settle in to Moore’s Swamp.

6.  Advice for Yertle and Lynn-D from the Moore’s Swamp turtle.  What types of adaptations will help them  survive in Moore’s Swamp?

7.  How have the changes in Moore’s Swamp made it a great place for the Blanding’s turtles?

Please check your letter carefully for any spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and gammatical errors.  This post is due on THURSDAY

Look How We’ve Changed!

Yertle and Bowser on Labor Day

We’ve had Yertle since school started in September and Lynn-D since the middle of March.  During both of those time frames,

Yertle and Lynn-D on Memorial Day

they have changed in many ways.  From little hatchlings, they now look like miniature adult Blanding’s turtles.  Initially, they were eating a few few small turtle pellets, now they are eating earthworms, mealworms, aquatic creatures, and for Yertle, as

many crayfish as he can get his mouth on!  For tonight’s blog, due on Thursday, you are to analyze the following data and answer the following questions.  Remember that you can click on the table to make it larger.  Make sure you use complete sentences in your answer.


1.  How much weight did Yertle gain from when he hatched until June 1st?

2.  How much longer did Yertle become from his hatching date until June 1st?

3.  About how many times larger did Yertle become during this time (hint divide the June weight by the birth weight)

4.  During what two months did Yertle gain the most weight?

5.  How much weight did Lynn-D  gain from when she hatched until June 1st?

6.  How much longer did Lynn-D become from her hatching date until June 1st?

7.  About how many times larger did Lynn-D become during this time (hint divide the June weight by the birth weight)

8.  During what two months did Lynn-D gain the most weight?

On two separate pieces of graph paper, create two graphs:  one comparing the weights of Yertle and Lynn-D and one comparing the lengths of Yertle and Lynn-D.  Your graphs should contain a title, labels, key, and should be done in color.