A Letter from Lynn-D and Yertle

Yertle and Lynn-D Hanging Out in the Tank

For this post, you are to pretend you are Lynn-D and Yertle.  In your letter to our class, you are to talk about what things are instinct for you(what are you born knowing), what you need to learn before you are released, and  come up with a wish list of what foods you would like served at “Spa Thoreau” after vacation.  This should be based on the notes you took during yesterday’s Turtle Talk.  Be creative with your letter!


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  1. Dear Room 305b class,
    We (Yertle and Lynn-D) want to challenge you to who has the better instinct. We think we have a better instinct because when we are born we already know how to break an egg, dig through dirt, and find water. We also know how to hibernate and find food. All the instincts you have are crying and pouting for your food when we find our food ourselves. Talking about learning you need to teach us some stuff before you let us go. You need to teach us to eat something other than eating pellets and teach us to find our own food. Also we need to make something straight when you start feeding us real food we want decent chow. We want our menu to made up of crayfish and worms. But don’t you dare feed us fish or we’ll go on a hunger strike.
    Sincerely Lynn-D and Yertle
    (P.S clean the tank soon.

  2. Dear Room 305B,
    We heard you talking about instinct yesterday and we wanted to share some with you. When we were born we automatically knew that we should find water quickly for safety in case predators got us. Another thing we knew is that we cracked open our shell with an egg tooth. After we go up on to land we know that if predators find us we should hide in our shell. We also need to know before we are released that the road is not safe, and to look both ways before crossing because that’s how lots of turtles die. Another thing we know is that we won’t have warm water or endless food forever so might as well enjoy the water and stuff ourselves while we can.

    P.S. At “Spa Thoreau” We would enjoy some dragonflies, local shrimp, and for dessert some live crayfish.
    P.P.S. If you can’t find any of these we would be fine with pill bugs or bloodworms.

    Sincerely, your awesome class turtles Yertle and Lynn-D.

  3. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s Fourth Grade Class,

    One thing Lynn-D and me know by instinct is not to go near any of our predators. We know to chase down our food on the bottom of any river body, instead of sitting in the muck and ambushing our prey like snapping turtles. Another instinct is that we will use our egg tooth to bite out of our shell.
    We need to learn how to hunt and eat our food that we chase down and catch. Then when we are grown up, we won’t be hungry and starve to death. We need to learn what our predators are so we which ones to hide from.
    What Lynn-D and me would just adore is a buffet with fresh crayfish and tons of bloodworms.

    Yertle and Lynn-D

  4. Dear Room 305b

    Lynn-D and Me would like to tell you some of the instincts we are born with and the instinct that we need to learn. The instincts that we already know is that when we are born is that we know that we need to dip up through the surface when we hatch to get to the air and the ground, we also know to use our egg tooth to crack open our egg, and to climb out and search places until we find a wetland or nice place to live. The instincts we need to learn are that when we are catching food the fly’s or other small insects are fast so we need to sneak up on them, and also that turtle pellets or food will not be floating around so it Is not easy to catch food. We also need to learn what predators want us because we don’t know what predators will like to eat us. Oh, and after vacation Lynn and me have come up with a list of food we would like. What we came up with was that
    We would like worms (could be blood worms), crayfish and maybe some small insects.

    Yertle and Lynn-D

  5. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s class,
    Yertle and I will be talking to you about our instincts, what we need to learn before we’re released, and we’ll be giving you a list of what foods we would like to be served at “ Spa Thoreau after vacation.
    One of Yertle and my instincts is cracking open their shell with their egg tooth. Another instinct Yertle and I have is eating Crayfish, slugs, grass, berries, and much more. Yertle and I only eat small and big pellets right now because we’re not even a year old yet. After April vacation, we’ll be eating food that turtles eat out in the wild on a regular basis! The last instinct Yertle and I have is to learn how tot hunt by ourselves. You see, Yertle and I don’t have a mother. So if we don’t have a mother, we won’t learn how to hunt. Eventually, we learn how to hunt by teaching our selves. Good thing we have you guys, so we don’t need to hunt! One thing we need to learn before we get released is to learn how to hunt. If we don’t learn how to hunt, we won’t survive. Another thing we need to learn before we get released is to know what predators are going to be hunting us for lunch or dinner.

    Foods Yertle and I would Like to be Served at “Spa Thoreau”

    Crayfish (Smaller than us)
    We’re looking forward to after vacation!
    P.S. Blanding’s Turtles rarely eat fish. (Only Crayfish)

  6. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s Class,
    Hi, it is Yertle and Lynn-D. We are excited about “Spa Thoreau”, and can’t wait to try new foods! It is really important for us to try the foods before you release us, because we need to learn how to get our own foods. That is one of the things you need to teach us how to do. Us Blanding’s turtles are born with the knowledge of some things (like how to swim), but other things you humans need to teach us.
    Instincts are things that we know how to do from the moment we are born. We already told you one instinct (we know how to swim), but here are two more: we know that we need to crawl up to land from our underground nest and we know how to eat.
    But there are things that aren’t instincts, and those things you have to teach us. We need to know what the foods taste like in “Spa Thoreau”, so that we recognize them when we taste them in the wild; how to hunt for food; and how to stay safe.
    One more thing before we go: the two of us really want good food in “Spa Thoreau”, so here’s our wish list: insects, baby crayfish, bloodworms, regular worms, tadpoles, and plants.
    Yertle and Lynn-D
    Blanding’s turtles

  7. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s fourth grade class,

    I know that you guys don’t have the instincts that we have so we would like to tell you about them. Some of them may only occur in only certain periods of our life and some of them we aren’t born with. An instinct that we are born with but only occurs when we are born is knowing how to use our egg tooth to get out of our egg when we are born and how to climb up out of our nest. We aren’t born knowing what which of our prey are fast and which are slow. When we are born we also don’t know which animals are our predators and which animals don’t eat turtles. After vacation I am looking forward to being fed:

    • Live earth worms
    • Crawfish
    • Cubed bloodworms and/or cubed brine shrimp
    • Shrimp

    and I cant wait! All that live food will be so delicious! And it will also prepare me for when I am released. I overheard the turtle talk on Wednesday and Dr. Windmiller said that there won’t be floating pellets in the wild.

    Lynn-D and Yertle

  8. Dear Room305b Class

    Some of my instincts that I am born with are I know when I hatch out of my egg to dig up and to walk to the nearest wetland and to find a good hiding place. I know how to find food and what to eat too. I know how to swim already and to hide from predators too.
    What I want to know before I am released is how to hunt on my own.
    A wish list for what I want to eat is
    1. Baby crayfish
    2. Blood worms
    3. Worms
    4. Shrimp
    5. Brine shrimp

    That is what I would want after vacation.


    Yertle and Lynn-D

  9. Dear Room 305b Class,
    Hi, we are the Blanding’s turtles of Room 305b. Together we would like to share all of our knowledge of the Blanding’s turtles instincts, what we need to learn before we are released, and what our dream selection of delicious foods at Spa Thoreau.
    Mammals vs Reptiles Who has the better instincts?
    Reptiles: breaking out of a egg, finding marsh areas, hibernating, and hunting for food.
    Mammals plainly: crying and screaming when you are hungry when we have to find food ourselves, selfish. So as you can see we are much more smarter than baby humans.
    Although we already know much about life we still need to know how to do a lot of things before we are released like: how to eat live food because we forget that while we are eating delicious turtle pellets, how to hide from predators, and how to do all of the things best.
    Our heavenly wish list of scrumptiously delicious food:
    baby crayfish
    cubed brine shrimp, and
    the heavenly red blood worms.
    Yertle and Lynn-D

  10. Dear Class of Room 305B,
    You probably knew nothing when you were born but how to cry, but we had lots of instincts. When Lynn-D and me were born, we knew how we should eat, who the other turtle(s) were, and how to swim. However, we needed (and in some cases, still need) time to learn some things, like how to hunt for live food, how to get away from dangerous predators, and how to find a warm place to stay for the winter.
    Me and Lynn-D are staying at the “Spa Thoreau” for a while and we already know what we want to eat. Here’s our list.
    • Bits of shrimp
    • Crayfish
    • Worms
    • And of course, Turtle Pellets

    Sorry guys but I have to go. Lynn-D is starting to drool and I think the tank is going to overflow if I keep talking about our favorite foods. So sorry for the inconvenience, but whatever so, BYE!

  11. Dear Room 305b Class,

    We would like to tell you some things that we were born knowing. We knew that we had to dig ourselves out of the burrow where our mother laid us. We knew that the moment we dug ourselves out of the burrow we would have to travel to a wetland and to hide from predators. We also want to tell about what we need to learn before we get released. We would like to learn what do we have to eat when we are released because we do not expect pellets floating around and we want to learn how to catch our prey. Most of all we want to fill bellies with a feast after vacation.
    We would like this on the menu:

    Baby Crayfish with earth – worm sauce
    We can’t wait to do and learn all these activities.
    Lynn-D & Yertle

  12. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s fourth grade class,
    Our instincts are, to find a pool of water to hibernate during the winter, to eat animals without backbones, to hide from foxes, raccoons, and many types of birds, and how to hunt. We heard we’ll have to eat live food. We would eat earthworms, baby cray fish, shrimp, beetles, and many other bugs. We need to learn who our predators are, where to hibernate at the pool, where to hide, and where to find food.

    Yertle+ Lynn-D

  13. Dear Room 305b,
    This is Yertle and Lynn.D we will like to tell you some things. To start off this conversation I will like to tell you about our instincts one of them is that we are born knowing that when we are ready to come out of our egg we use our egg tooth to chip out of our shell, another instinct is that we know that we have to find a wetland before dark or else we will be eaten by raccoons, snakes, squirrels and chipmunks and the last instinct is that we know what to eat and how to hunt. Last we came up with a list of foods we would like after vacation
    1. Crayfish
    2. Bloodworms
    3. Worms
    4. Pill bugs
    5. Brine shrimp
    Happy Vacation we will miss you all,
    Yertle and Lynn.D.

  14. Dear Room305B,
    Since we are a Blanding’s turtles, we were born with Blanding’s turtle instincts. Instincts are things that we know the second we hatch. One of the first things that we do as turtles is an instinct! We have to break out of our shell with our egg tooth. Our egg tooth is a little tooth that we are born with that comes off after a very small period of time. We use it to peck out of our little egg. Another one of our instincts it to find water after we hatch. That instinct comes in a package because we also know to do it at night, so if we are born in the day, we wait until the night to find water. Even though we have a lot of instincts, we have to learn some things on our own. We have to learn what some of our predators are and how to stay away from them, how to eat food and how to hunt it down, and there are many more but we are just trying to say that life isn’t that easy.
    We heard the kids talking with Dr. Windmiller about feeding us different things after vacation. We would like to start with some crayfish and worms as an entrée and even though some Blanding’s turtles like us say that fish is not so good, we want to try it out ourself please . That’s all for now thanks.
    Yertle and Lynn-D

  15. Dear Room 305B,

    Imagine what it would be like to be a turtle. These are some of the instincts that we need to have to survive. First when we are in a shell we must crack it open with our egg tooth. Then we need to dig and dig and dig until we reach the top of the nest and the first rays of sun hit our face. Next we must be able to find a body of water, but if darkness fall’s before we find a body of water we must hide from predators. Finally when we find a body of water we burrow down in the mud to hibernate.

    When you get back from holiday we would love to eat mealworm soufflé. Also blood worm steak would be would be great. Pill bug pilaf is a real treat. Last but not least crayfish are favorite.

    Sincerely ,Yertle

  16. Dear room 305b,
    I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you some things about me. One instinct that I am born withe is to use my egg tooth so that I can break out of my shell. some other ones that I am born with is to dig up out of my nest, and to walk to a good habitat for me to live in. Before I go to live in the wild I have to learn what foods that I can eat and how to catch my food. some of the food that I would like you guys to feed me would be: baby crayfish, no real fish (yuck), worms (mostly blood worms but any kind will work.), pill bugs, or any insects with no backbones.

    yours truly,
    Yertle and Lynn D

  17. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s class,
    Some Blanding’s Turtle instincts are, breaking our egg with our egg tooth, finding our own food in the wild, and digging nests (if female). We also know the right place to hide. We need to learn, our main predators, how to make a nest, and how to find our live food to be safe in the wild. We also need to learn to try to blend in with the environment. We would LOVE if you could find us some bloodworms, worms as a starter, shrimp, and of course, the best of all, CRAYFISH!

    We hope you consider the idea of food choices 😉 ,
    Your trusty turtles,
    Yertle and Lynn-D

  18. Dear Room 305B Responds Class,

    This is Yertle writing for me and Lynn-D (trust me she doesn’t have the neatest handwriting) telling you some information. The things that we Blanding’s turtles have as instinct from when we are born are walking, eating, drinking, digging, hibernate and breaking an egg. The things that we need to learn before we get released is how to catch live animals. Instead of all those pellets I would love to have bloodworms, brine shrimp and especially crayfish. Yum!

  19. Dear Students of Room 305B,
    We are going to tell you about our instincts. Instincts are things that you were born knowing and help us survive in the wild. One instinct you were born with is how to cry. Here are some things we know from the start:
    •Using our egg tooth to hatch.
    •How to hibernate
    •Look for water for both drinking and living in.
    •Finding food
    •Knowing when to find water after we hatch. (we look after it’s dark so we have less chance of getting eaten)
    Here is the list of foods we would like after April vacation at “Spa Thoreau.”
    •Blood worms
    •Baby crayfish
    •Pill bugs
    We look forward to eating these foods.
    Your turtles,
    Yertle and Lynn-D (Prince and Princess)

  20. Dear Mrs. Erickson’s class,

    Lynn-D and I have learned a lot in the time we have spent with you but of course we were born with some instincts like, for example, how to swim and how to eat. What we have learned in the classroom is that worms are evil but tasty. Today we were trying to tear up the worm but he just kept on wiggling! However, Lynn-D told me that she heard that we won’t be able to find floating turtle pellets on the surface of the Assabet River, so on my second try eating the worms I forced myself to eat a few bites of them. Lynn-D is enjoying worms more than me so I tried to follow his example. Lynn-D might like worms but I have one thing she doesn’t, a plan! When I go out into the wild I will try new things that look tasty, actually anything that looks tasty because if I find a new thing that I like, then I won’t need to live off of worms!

    Yertle with a little help from Lynn-D
    Ok maybe a lot of help.

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