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Live Food!

Our Blanding’s turtles are being introduced to “live” food to start to prepare them for their release in June.  Watch this video of their first encounter with an earthworm and then write a story from one of the turtle’s perspective about this experience.


A Letter from Lynn-D and Yertle

Yertle and Lynn-D Hanging Out in the Tank

For this post, you are to pretend you are Lynn-D and Yertle.  In your letter to our class, you are to talk about what things are instinct for you(what are you born knowing), what you need to learn before you are released, and  come up with a wish list of what foods you would like served at “Spa Thoreau” after vacation.  This should be based on the notes you took during yesterday’s Turtle Talk.  Be creative with your letter!

DPC — Looking Back — “The Turtles Will Win Regardless if We Win or Lose”

Again, I am so proud of you all and for all your hard work during the DPC project.  You came together as a true team, some of you having to take on roles that weren’t your first choice, some of you having to wear multiple hats, and all of you having to meet real deadlines.  Your motto of “The Turtles Will Win Regardless if We Win or Lose” is an inspirational one.  My classes have done a lot of awesome things through the years, but you stand alone in your willingness to take on such a big project and do it so well.

So, while it is fresh in all of our minds, I would like for you to really step back and reflect about this project.  Sunday night, while I was preparing my little story for you all, I looked through my other binder which contained even more work that you all did planning this project.  Looking at the two binders together, it is a true testament to all of our hard work on behalf of the turtles.  The blog posts that you have all done throughout the year are also inspirational.

Things for you to write about:

1.  If someone asked you to describe your DPC experience, what would you say?  What were the high points of the project?  What were the difficult times in the project?  What should people know about the entire process?

2.  Since we have done more activities  than you did the last time you reflected on this project at the beginning of February, what was your most memorable part of this project?

DPC Command Center

What made it memorable for you?  Why was this important to the entire project?

3.  How have you grown as a student while participating in this project?  Please be specific.  How has doing this project helped you become a better student and person?  What were some things that may have been hard for you before but you feel more confident now doing because you participated in DPC?

4.  How has the class as a whole changed while doing this project?  Please be specific here as well.

5. If you had to describe how you are feeling right now about our finish in the Challenge, what would you say?

It’s funny that above our command center, are the Egyptian hieroglyphs from the book that we read on the first day of school.  One is “Never Give Up”, another is “Imagine”, and another one is “Discover”.  You have done all of these friends so very well and eloquently.


Turtle Catalog

Painted Turtle from Drumlin Farm

This past Friday, we had three different turtles in our classroom.  For this post, you are to write a thorough description of each turtle.  These descriptions will be used at Turtle Night.

Lynn-D and Yertle, our Blanding's Turtles

Spotted Turtle from Drumlin Farm