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Introducing Lynn-D By The Numbers

Yertle and Lynn-D Check Each Other Out

This week, Room 305B welcomed the newest member of our classroom:  Destroyer, a sibling of Yertle and Bowser (their mother is Turtle Number 2033).  Destroyer was very generously transferred from David Winchester and his students from Lynn Classical High School.  In honor of their generosity, the students decided to name the new turtle Lynn, and decided to honor the original name of Destroyer by a nickname of “D”  So, Destroyer is now known as Lynn-D in our classroom.  The two turtles have been getting to know one another.  Yertle has exhibited some of the behavior that Bowser use to do to him, but he has welcomed Lynn-D into the hideaway without any issue (this was a problem when Yertle had a playdate with Mrs. Dillon’s turtles the week we came back from vacation.)  The students are delighted to have Lynn-D in our tank.

So, now it’s time to check Lynn-D’s numbers out.  For this week’s blog, due on Thursday, you are to answer the following questions.  Make sure you answer in complete sentences and that you number your responses.  Remember that you can click on each image to make it larger.

March Weights for all 2010 Head Starts

A.    Take a look at the March weights that have been recorded for all the 2010 Hatchlings (note that the zoo turtles do not have names) and answer the following questions:

1. What is the range (in grams) of all of the turtles’ weights?

2.  Where does Lynn-D fall within this range?

3.  What is the difference between Lynn-D’s weight and the heaviest turtle (please use this turtles’ name or number)

4.  What is the difference between Lynn-D’s weight and the lightest turtle (please use this turtle’s name or number)

B.  Using the table below, please answer the following questions:

Turtle 2033's Hatchlings Information

1.  Based on the gender of all of 2033’s siblings (Bowser was also a male who weighed 85 grams in February), what do you predict Lynn-D’s gender to be?  How did you arrive at your hypothesis?

Lynn-D's Growth Chart
















Part C:  Take a look at Lynn-D’s weights and lengths through the months and answer the questions associated with that table:

1.  How much weight has Lynn-D gained since the hatchling weight?

2.  How much longer has Lynn-D grown since the length at hatching?

3.  Between what two months was there the least amount of weight gained?  How much weight was gained during this time?

Yertle and Lynn-D checking out what;s going on outside the tank

4.  Between what two months was there the greatest amount of weight gained?  How much weight was gained during this time?

5.  Based on Lynn-D’s growth chart, what do you predict Lynn-D’s weight and length to be on April 1st?  How did you come up with  your prediction?