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The Tenth Good Thing About Bowser


Our turtle Bowser died last Saturday. We are very sad. My teacher said we should think of ten good things about Bowser so we can remember him always…

In this blog entry, I want you to write about Bowser and all the good things that you remember about him.

Mrs. E.  He was a wonderful teacher and a brother to Yertle.  You all took wonderful care of him and he taught us so much about Blanding’s turtles.  When I came in to school each morning, I would always go over first to check on the turtles and each morning, they would greet me.  Bowser was a real explorer, he loved to hang out on the rocks and investigate what was going on in the classroom.  In the early morning hours, he and Yertle would spend a lot of time pushing around the rocks.  I am happy that we had Bowser as a part of our class for almost six months.  I’m not sure what would have happened to him if he was not in the head-start program.  Even though he is not in our class physically, he will always live on in our hearts.





As we head down the home stretch on the part of our DPC project that is due shortly, I want you to take some time and reflect on Operation Blanding’s Nation:  Awareness, Advocacy, and Appreciation by answering the following questions:

1.  What new skills did you learn while doing this project?  (think about reading, writing, math, science) What new knowledge did you learn about Blanding’s turtles and the other factors effecting the sustainability of this species?  How can you use this information in future grades?

2.  What new technology skills did you use  while doing this project?  How can you use these skills in the future?

3.  What were the more difficult parts of this project?  What made them particularly difficult?

4.  How can you use all the skills that you learned in the future?