Up Close and Personal

Yertle on January 28th

This week, we will be traveling to the New England Aquarium to observe Yertle and Bowser’s Laparoscopies as well as observe other creatures in their habitats.

Most tanks in the Aquarium represent specific habitats. Each habitat is home to a unique array of plants and animals. Making careful observations is one way

Scientist learns more about animals. By spending more time and focusing more closely on what is going on in individual tanks and with individual animals you can observe and learn a lot about the animal and it’s surroundings.

So to get ready to go on Wednesday, we’ll do an observation of our Blanding’s turtle teachers.  Watch the video and then incorporate the following questions into a creative non-fiction piece.  You should write this in the first person voice (aka become one of the turtles)

1.  What do the turtles look like?  Make careful observations of the color, lines, spots, stripes, or other markings. Be very detailed when discussing their eyes, neck, feet, and mouth as well as the rest of the turtle.  What adaptations do the Blanding’s turtles have to help them survive in the world?

2.  What are Bowser and Yertle doing in all parts of the movie (Yertle is featured first)?   Do the turtles  move around or do they stayin the same place? Where is it spending most of its time? Why do you think so?

3. Describe the type of place where Yertle and Bowser live.  Is there anyplace to hide?  Is there anyplace to hold onto?  Are there any rocks or sand?  Are there any plants or other living things?

This post is due on Wednesday.  It should be written in paragraphs.  You should edit carefully for spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.  You should also use proper vocabulary associated with turtles.


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  1. 1. The turtles shell has lots of shapes that look almost like hexagons lined up in a pattern. Each shape has a design in it that looks like a flower or a bunch of the sun’s rays. Their claws have gotten allot bigger than last time we watched a movie about the turtles for homework. Both of their tales look about the same to me and their eyes are just beautiful. I think that having a camouflage shell would help them survive in the wild because they can hide from the thing that is trying to eat or hurt them. I also think that having a hard shell would help them because it would make them a lot harder to swallow or even more so to chew.

    2. Yertle was spending most of his time trying to get onto a rock but then Bowser came and got on top of Yertle and when yertle got away he went to hide under the log. (That was when the movie ended. What happened next is a mystery.)
    For the short time that Bowser was in the movie he/she was obviously on top and chasing after Yertle.

    3. The place to hide in there tank would be behind a rock or plant, and under their log. The place to hold on to would be either the black tubes in the back or each other. (I know that that is not really part of their habitat but it would still work.) There is no sand in the tank but there are quite a few rocks. There are some fake plants but other than that they are the only living things there.

  2. 1a. What do the turtles look like?
    I, Yertle the Blanding’s turtle, have many extraordinary features. The most unique feature is my mustard yellow neck. I have dark brown spots splotched all over my carapaces, with cream lines shooting out of the splotches that look like rays of sunlight. My four legs are growing claws, that will be quite sharp (and if I am a female) they will help me dig a hole to bury my eggs when I am older.

    1b.  What adaptations do the Blanding’s turtles have to help them survive in the world?
    I and my fellow Blanding’s turtles have many ways to stay hidden in the wild. The main way is camouflage. Camouflage is important for creatures that can not move away from a predator quickly. We can easily camouflage ourselves because of the color of our carapaces. The carapaces color is different shades of brown, which is the color of dirt or a dry leaves – things that we tend to live around.

     2a.What are Bowser and Yertle doing in all parts of the movie?
    Bowser and me mostly swim from rock to rock admiring our tank (which we are very fortunate to live in). Occasionally we get in to a fight (typical sibling behavior) which usually starts off with Bowser being a little bit to nosy. Then he pins me down asking for answers, I manage to break free of his grasp and swim for my life (heard that story before?) Thats the overview of my usual day in the tank.

    2b. Do the turtles move around or do they stay in the same place? Where is it spending most of its time? Why do you think so?
    We stay in one place then move to another rock, stay there a while then move to another rock etc. We spend most of our time either standing on a rock, swimming around, or swimming frantically for our (well my) life from each other.

    I like to do this because I am feeling so lucky that I am in a wonderful tank like this that I just enjoy touring it. As for my other activities well, lets just say the reason is that we are siblings and every pair of siblings fight.

    3. Describe the type of place where Yertle and Bowser live.  Is there anyplace to hide?  Is there anyplace to hold onto?  Are there any rocks or sand?  Are there any plants or other living things?
    My tank holds many fantastic things. We have seaweed, rocks, rocks, rocks, a log, rocks (did I say rocks already?) Some of the objects in our tank are stable, some are not for example: log-easy to hold onto; seaweed-not as easy, big rock-easy to stand on; pebble-not as much. In the tank, we have many things but sand is something that we do not have but I would definitely find interesting. The Seaweed is the only other living organism in our tank (besides Bowser).

  3. Hi, my name is Yertle. I am going to tell you a little about me one day in the tank.
    1) My carapace (my shell) is very detailed. It has black things that look like they’ve been exploded and grayish back-round behind them. My chin (the most distinctive thing about me) is yellow. That’s how you can tell that I’m a Blanding’s turtle. My eyes are small and black. They look like pinpoints. My feet have tiny claws on them that could be very useful in the future (if I’m a female, they will help me dig a hole to lay my eggs). My plastron (the bottom of me) is like burnt toast, it has a yellow back-round and black spots in it.
    2) Usually, me and Bowser (my sibling) get into fights a lot. That is mostly because Bowser loves (and I mean loves) to pin me to a rock or something. Anyways, in the video you’re watching, I am just looking around a lot. Bowser loves to chase me, too. But I am a teeny bit faster than Bowser is, so I usually get away. It happens a lot. I am on one rock, Bowser pins me to it, I escape, a minute later I come out, Bowser pins me to a rock, and on and on and on again.
    3) We have a wonderful tank. The wonderful heater, the wonderful rocks, the wonderful hiding place, the wonderful…. Yeah. Everything is wonderful in here. The water is perfect, the bubbles are perfect, and…. (drumroll, please) we have living plants! (Well, at least the seaweed.) It seems like we’re actually in the wild, except for the fact that we get fed for as long as we want to be fed.
    So, that’s what I was like that day in the tank. Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. 1.My shell has lots of shapes that look almost like hexagons lined up in a pattern. Each shape has a design in it that looks like a flower or a bunch of the sun’s rays. My claws have gotten allot bigger than last time you guys watched a movie about the us for homework. Both of our tails look about the same to me and our eyes are just beautiful! I think that having a camouflage shell would help me survive in the wild because I can hide from the thing that is trying to eat or hurt me. I also think that having a hard shell would help us because it would make us a lot harder to swallow or even more so to chew.
    2. I (Yertle) was spending most of my time trying to get onto a rock but then Bowser came and got on top of me (Yertle) and when I (yertle) got away he went to hide under the log. (That was when the movie ended. What happened next is a mystery to all people.)
    For the short time that I (Bowser) was in the movie I (Bowser) was obviously on top and chasing after Yertle.
    3. The place to hide in our tank would be behind a rock or plant, and under our log. The place to hold on to would be either the black tubes in the back or each other. (I know that that is not really part of our habitat but it would still work.) There is no sand in the tank but there are quite a few rocks. There are some fake plants but other than that we (Bowser and Yertle) are the only living things here.

  5. Hi, my name is Yertle. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself and my sibling, Bowser.

    I have many extraordinary and special features.
    1. The most important is my neck and chin because it is bright yellow that represents a Blanding’s turtle. Blanding’s turtles in the wild have paler necks ’cause they eat natural food. My carapace (upper shell) is grayish – black with hexagons and pentagons all lined up in a pattern. It also has dark mustard colored blotches which look like fireworks. In the wild this colorful shell will be helpful because it will camouflage with the plants and rocks and the predator will most likely not notice. My eyes are really small and they look as if the were small, tiny, black beads sticking out. I also have four strong legs that have small, sharp, pointy claws which in the wild will be a handy-dandy tool because I could climb rocks and bury my eggs in the sand or mud.

    2.Me and Bowser get into a lot of fights. I call them “f f” for “fun fights”. Bowser after every two seconds pounces onto my back for a short turtle-back ride, especially if I am near to the purple rock ” My territory” he says “MINE!” and after screaming on me he asks me for a ride!
    Sometimes I am able to escape from the “Deadly Bowser” and then I swim for my life. This is very common and a little fun.

    3. In our tank we have marvelous stuff.
    We have the marvelous heater which we bask on since there is no sun. We have the marvelous rocks where we have a good-night sleep. We have the marvelous dark, scary log where we play hide and seek. Every single thing is perfect. We here live the “life of luxury”.

    This is some of the stuff I wanted to tell you about.


    1. I have short legs with sharp claws and a pointed tail. My eyes are yellow. I have shapes with cool patterns on my shell. I have spots on my neck. My eyes are yellow and big. I have my claws to protect myself when I am underattack.
    2. I like to hang around in the awesome cave. I like it protects me from Bowser the monster.
    3. I hide under fallen trees and big leaves. Yes they are some rocks in fact I like to bask on them. Their lots of plants and living things.

    1. I have some sharp claws and a long neck with yellow at the bottom and dark green spots on the top and on my shell it is like exploding green like fireworks and my eyes are pitch black and my feet are green with 4 claws on them I have adapted claws to help me survive in the wild.

    2. I was on a rock then swam of then swam to another rock. I was just swimming around minding my own business when Bowser jumped on top of me saying something about wanting a piggy back ride and he was poking around my neck and I had know idea what he was doing until he bit me on the neck I started swimming away but whenI turned around Bowser was chasing me. I was sort of swimming around. I am spending most of my time on a rock because I was basking under the metal heater.

    3. I am living in a heated tank with Bowser and there is not a lot of places to hide from Bowser here in the tank but this like wood cave thing but it does not give a lot of protection there and there is nothing to hold onto but probably the rocks and there is only a few rocks and no sand at all here and we have a few plants here but I think they are fake plants and there is no other living things here well 1 if you count Bowser.

  8. I am Yertle the Blanding’s turtle. I climb to the top of a nearby rock. I use my sharp claws to grasp onto the rock for dear life, stretching my long yellow neck down to see what is going on and I stare with my big black bulging eyes. My carapace glistens under the beaming heat lamp with a pattern of regular hexagons and pentagons covering the area inside of the carapace while the perimeter is occupied by a pattern of rectangles and the entire carapace are brown and covered with black speckles. My beautiful plastron is hardly even seen! It is covered by the rock. Even though you can’t see my plastron I can tell you this: it has a pattern of brown rectangles and triangles and each shape is separated by a tree-like white line.
    Lines that look like branches separate the top and the bottom and a line that looks like a tree trunk separates the right and the left. My short tail lies along the rock (my tail is much shorter than Bowser, my sibling).
    I leave the rock for a second and Bowser jumps on top of me! I try to scramble away and I run for dear life! You might be thinking that this is very unusual behavior because Blanding’s turtles have made the adaptation to hibernate in the winter. It is the middle of the winter and I am doing almost the exact opposite of hibernating. I am running around with my sibling right behind me. It may seem a bit weird but you should get used to it; I do it all the time. My tank is 80 degrees Fahrenheit!
    Another thing that might seem strange is that when Bowser chases me I am terrified, but I never put my head, tail and claws inside my shell, which is another adaptation that most Blanding’s turtles do.
    In that period of time I was moving around a lot! I was constantly running away from Bowser almost the entire time! I spent most of my time on the rock happily basking in the sun or heat lamp before Bowser showed up and started chasing me. I think that I was spending the most time on the rock. From what I remember, I was on the rock until Bowser showed up and then I was constantly moving around. So I didn’t spend a lot of time in one place.
    Did you know that I live in a tank? Sometimes I hide under my log, sometimes I bask on a rock and sometimes I am just trying to get away from Bowser. I know that there are plants in my tank. I know that they are living things just like me and Bowser. But Bowser always tells me that they are plastic. I know that he/she is lying because they always seem to be moving around. I wonder if Bowser knows that the plants are real or does he/she just want me to think that they are not? There are a lot of things that I wonder about Bowser. Sometimes he/she seems a bit strange. For instants, what kind of Blanding’s turtle chases other Blanding’s turtles?

  9. 1. Hello! I am Yertle, a Blanding’s turtle. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself.
    I am a particularly beautiful Blanding’s turtle, well at least in the bottom of the glass tank where I can actually see myself I am. I have a magnificent carapace that has dots and lines that are perfectly symmetrical and detailed with every, little patch. My eyes are big and wide and as dark as outer space, well, I actually have never seen outer space, but I think it’s dark. My neck is bright yellow witch makes me easy to see in the wild and my feet are lined with sharp claws (well, they actually aren’t very that sharp yet, but I like the way it sounds).
    2. I AM FAMOUS! I am in a movie! Did you see me in it? I was the star of the show! Bowser is also famous, but I am MORE FAMOUS than HIM! I like being famous. I didn’t do much though, first, I was looking out of the wall of the tank and then I got off of the rock I was sitting on, then I saw Bowser who got on top of me and I cleverly tricked him so that I could get out from under him and then he started chasing and I hid under the log and Bowser didn’t even know where I was!
    3. I like to hide from Bowser and pencil eraser sometimes, so I like hiding places. I like logs that I can crawl under and rocks I can hide behind. I also like to hang onto things when I need to like plants and sticks and things like that. There are a lot of things in our tank like rocks and a log and rocks and seaweed and… more rocks but the only other living thing is Bowser, hopefully there are no other living things in here. I really like our tank, it really fits a turtle like me… and Bowser.

  10. HI I’m Yertle and I’m a Blanding’s Turtle.

    Today I’m going to talk about my awesome self. The first thing some people notice about me is my yellow chin. Which I think is the weirdest thing because I mean why look at that. I have my plastron which is yellow with brown spots which is a way better sight than that flabby yellow neck. I also have my carapace which I keep very clean because it is my upper shell which is most easy to see. It is separated into different sections which are in the shapes of hexagons. Each hexagon has its own little firework with dots and lines to.

    I bet you are wondering what I do all the time? Well here are the answers to your question. I like to bath in the sun when I’m cold or when I’m tired. I also like to climb rocks which at the top I dive off into the water. I also like to swim because the water is nice and hot. I am also forced (by my brother/sister Bowser) to runaway, hide for dear life, and give a piggy back ride to a turtle who is about 1-2 grams less than me.

    My palace pond where I live is very unique. It only has one place to hide which is the cave. It has plenty of rocks to climb on. My favorite is the purple rock. But when I climb the rocks there is nothing to hold onto so I sometimes slip and fall. There are no living things but me and Bowser. But there is a green thing but I think it is fake because it grew out of a rock. There is also a water fall which is very clean but small.

  11. 1. My shell is flared with yellow and black fireworks , my claws are black with yellow spots ,my eyes are green with one black dot, my neck is the brightest yellow you have ever seen, my feet is pitch black and my mouth is hot pink. One of my adaptations is that I could camouflage myself with my shell because it is covered with colors that match my habitat.
    2. Sometimes Bowser jumps on top of me asking me questions about our mother and why does the white pellets fall from the sky .We like to run around the tank as our exercise we do it whenever we want to. I am very picky on where I sit one minute I am on a rock next minute I am under the log.
    3. I live in a tank I love it there is a nice view of the outdoors. There are a lot of places to hide in the tank one of them is the log you can hide under it and there is a lot of weeds you can hide under also. In the tank there is only one place to hold on to and that is the top of the log. There is no sand or rocks in our tank. There are only a few plants but they are not alive.

  12. Hello, name’s Yertle. I am a Blanding’s turtle. I am mostly light grey and my edges look like they came off a Native American pot. Also all over my shell are little black blotches that look like little dark grey explosions .I have a sharp knife like tail and two round coal like eyes . One day I was tanning on a Rock. Then I moved over half submerged to a another rock. I swam over to where my brother Bowser was sitting, and I got under him. I shot out like a cannon ball. He started chasing me until I got to the log. We live in a glass tank with some rocks.

  13. Hi my name is Yertle. I have a brown shell and a yellow chin and neck and big bulgy eyes. I have a long tail and have feet with sharp claws. My mouth bobs up and down when I eat.

    I am on a rock looking out for Bowser to see if hes going to try and play piggy back with me. Once I realized he wasn’t there I climbed down off the rock and started swimming around. But then out of nowhere, comes Bowser swimming right towards me! I swam as fast as I could and hid in the log. I was safe.

    I live in a nice, warm tank with lots of rocks and weeds to play on. We really only have one hiding spot but it’s a really good one – right under a hollowed out log. We can hold on to really any thing in the tank. We have lots of rocks but not any sand. I wish we had some sand. In our tank we do have some weeds but I’m starting to think that those are fake. And I think that’s just about it. Oh ya one more thing…Bowser.

    • Dear EC9,
      I love your answers, how did you know how to come up with these sentences? Did your parents help you or did you do it all by yourself? How did you know all these things/facts? Please answer all these questions as soon as you can! Thank you! See you at school! Yours,

  14. I am swimming in a tank- with my brother Bowser. I love my tank it keeps me safe, and comferatable inside the tank. I really want to thank you kids, and Mrs. Erickson, for trying to save us Blanding’s Turtles. I am swimming most of the time. I do not stay in one place. I swim around rocks, seeweed, and Bowser. Yertle and Bowser, are usually staying in their tank. I think that because turtles usually stay in thier tanks, with water most of the time. That is how I know that they stay in their tanks with water most of the time that they are there.

  15. oops sorry I forgot that, that was for question 2.). I can’t figure out question 1.) because I don’t have the data for that question. So I’ll have to pick it up at school when we get to school on Thurday.
    Have a Great Day!

  16. Bowser and I live in a quiet peaseful tank with fresh water to swim in. Everyday I hear that water rushing down the tube. It is so peaseful and quiet there everyday. There is a place to hide, it is behind the rocks. Don’t tell Bowser this but, in my opinion I think that that is not a place to hide. Apparently Bowser thinks it is a GREAT place to hide. There are rocks but there is not sand. There is a plant that is called seeweed. There are no other creatures living here but us. This is to question 3.).

  17. “ Hi I’m Yertle the Blanding’s turtle or as my teacher calls me Bertle. Humph! Anyways and I have some news for you!

    1a. What do the turtles look like?

    “Well my brother and I have these beautiful golden yellow necks (that’s why we are famous), a forest green shell with gorgeous cream art lines and some vast claws. We look like we are big ferocious beasts ☹ but we are cute little teddy bears! ☺

    1b. What adaptations do the Blanding’s turtles have to help them survive in the world?

    Us turtles we have extra super help while we are in the wild. And the best one is called camouflage. Camouflage would help us with blending in with surroundings. It would help because the predators would like be like O.M.G! I can’t find my favorite food.

    2a. What are Bowser and Yertle doing in all parts of the movie?

    Well to be honest in the movie my bro and I were be normal. (No offence Yowser hahaha.) We were just swimming from rock to rock in our hotel room. Then my brother comes and pins me down like I am never nice to him but I am and he says” Yo Yertle were did you leave my claw clippers huh?” I was like Yo Bowser I am just a superstar and why would I know were your claw clippers are. So zipper the lipper dude.

    2b. Do the turtles move around or do they staying the same place? Where is it spending most of its time? Why do you think so?

    We were not staying in the same spot. We were at one then the other then another rock and the other. Get the hang of it? We are spending most of our time on rock because we were relaxing in a comfortable spot and going to another spot.

    3. Describe the type of place where Yertle and Bowser live. Is there anyplace to hide? Is there anyplace to hold onto? Are there any rocks or sand? Are there any plants or other living things?

    We live in an amazing place thanks to our friend Dr. Windmiller and Mrs. Ah boy am I happy that they put me in a hotel! We have everywhere to hide such as the log a.k.a. my bed, the plants and behind the rocks. I hate the sand. Just like you loving bacon, I am loving rocks. In my hotel there are plants but I keep on eavesdropping and hearing that they are going to let me go! 😦 But I think that there is going to be plants and living things so half and half.

    Bye-bye hope you have a sleepover at mine, Yertle/ Bertle

  18. Hi, I’m Yertle a Blanding’s turtle. Here are a few things you should know about me and other Blanding’s turtles.
    One of two things that are unique to me is that I’m the turtle with the notch in my shell closer to my tail.
    The second thing that is unique to me is that the tip of my tail got bitten off by my brother Bowser.

    What Makes Blanding’s Turtles Different.
    1. Our bright yellow neck is the main way of telling different turtles from us.
    2. Our paint brush like array on our carapace helps us blend in with rocks.
    3. The long legs help us swim fast and our razor sharp claws help to tear up food if it’s too big or tough.
    4. Our eyes and the top of our head let us peek our heads out of water without being seen.

    Bowser and I are constantly moving around and at the times that we aren’t moving we’re observing the tank to make sure that none of those monster hands comes down, especially the little boy they call EC2 because he torments us.
    Most of the time we are moving around because it keeps getting colder and colder.
    We spend most of our time near the heater because it’s really warm. Sometimes Bowser gets stuck in there(snicker snicker).
    We live in a nice homey kind of place with plenty of rocks to sun our selves on and an awesome hiding place underneath a hollowed out log. There are some plants in there but they taste awful. I can’t find anything to hold onto neither has Bowser, all he’s found is somewhere to get stuck in.

  19. Hi I’m Yertle,

    1.My shell is striped with blue, yellow and green lines like someone drew them with a marker. People consider my neck the most but my shell is way more colorful and attractive. People say that my brother Bowser bit off some of my tail so it’s shorter but thats totally not true.

    2.At the begining of the movie that Mrs.Erickson took of me, I was just sitting on a rock, I got bored and climbed on the rock next to it then boom ! my brother Bowser was on top of me so I quickly ran to my secret hide out. A yellow rock stood in my way I quickly pushed it away and went into the tunnel. My brother was blocked by the yellow rock and the chase was over.

    3.My home is a small pond with an excellent rock shaped as a tunnel which is excellent for hiding from my brother. It has two awkward black tube things. One of them has a red light, they are also a good place to hide. But it is really easy to get stuck there. Sometimes there is a small rock right where the fresh water from the filter comes. I like to sit there when I need some privacy.

  20. Yertles Point of View

    1. My legs are a brown color with sharp claws. The bottom of my neck is bright yellow. The bottom of my shell (the plastron) is yellow with black lines. If you look closely it looks like it has some purple or pink. The top of my shell (the carapace) has shapes on it. In the shapes there are black lines, black dots and a small bit of yellow. I have two notches in my shell on the very edge. I got these notches when I first hatched.

    2. I am by the little shower thing (That is what all the bubbles are from). I like the shower thing because when the water drops in the tank water it makes a cool sound so that is why I sit on a rock next to it. At the beginning of the movie I was moving my neck. Then I sort of slipped off the rock into the water. Later in the movie Bowser was on top of me, I didn’t like that so I kicked him off by swimming away. I went and hid in our log. That is what Bowser and I do in our tank.

    3. In the tank there is one hiding spot I share with my sibling Bowser. The hiding spot is a log with a hole through the bottom of it. There are plastic plants in the tank. They sometimes get annoying because I have to push them out of my way. There are many rocks in the tank. I like to climb on them because it’s harder for Bowser to climb on my back.

  21. One day I was lounging around in my tank when I noticed that Yertle had very amazing patterns on his shell and a very yellow neck. While I was looking at his shell, I also noticed he had stayed in one spot for a long time. Just as I was thinking that, he dove into the water and then started climbing a rock that was right next to it. He gave up on that and then turned around and swam into the plastic plant that lay next to the rock.
    Eventually, he noticed he had just climbed over a rock border and was now swimming in a circle of rocks. Then he jumped on my back, but I didn’t notice him sneaking up behind me. I freaked out and quickly swam over to the log because it is the best hiding spot and place to get away from a Yertle attack in the tank. He followed me. I assume he wanted to attack me again but he might just have wanted to play tag.

  22. Hi, my name is Yertle.
    1. While I was basking on a toasty rock I saw that my gray shell had an extra sparkle, and its line pattern had changed! “Wow! My shell is really big. It must have grown a lot!” I said. My shell had a design that looked like a kid drawing firecrackers, its hexagons had got stretched way out, and it had a lighter shade.

    2. A. When I called Bowser over to see how big I now was, he climbed on my back and asked for a piggy-back ride. When I said no he scratched my shell, I don’t know why but that really freaked me out. I dashed away and called “No way!” so he wouldn’t bother me anymore.
    B. Well I had a relaxing day until now. I felt like making Bowser pay but didn’t have the energy. I stayed on that rock the whole day (besides when I was eating) until Bowser forced me off, the rock was really warm, perfect for basking (I had hardly any energy so I was basking to get more).

    3. The tank is a very nice place to live. It has the wood arch to hide in, the rocks can be held and climbed on, it has rocks not sand (we can’t have sand in our habitat), there is plants to make us more comfortable, and there isn’t a currant.

  23. Taken from the journal of Yertle the Blanding’s turtle

    Today I looked down at the floor, and I saw myself. So I was like “wow, you look good” and then I’m like “what a cool neck. It’s a bright yellow.” I glanced at my long claws and then I flipped over and used my long neck to see what was on my back and it looked like a bunch of camaflauge pentagons and hexagons. So now I’m imagining myself, Yertle, commander in the army or something. But back to the present. So then I flipped over again and looked through my small, beady, black eyes at my stomach. It was the color of my neck, with black lines on it. If anything tries to eat me (hopefully not) like I eat those tasty pellets, that bright stomach won’t help, but I look sort of like lots of reedy stuff and things like that that were in my birth place.

    The other day, the big human had a strange thing in its hand. When it held it up, I was staying right where I had been until I got bored and dove off the rock. I got onto another rock and a few seconds later I jumped onto another.

    A little while later, Bowser had me under him. I made a move for freedom and it worked! I swam away and I was safe. It seemed whenever the human had the thing we were moving around. I was also spending a lot of time on the rocks. The only place to get warm.

    Other than the rocks, in our tank we have a little “hidey-hole” (as Bowser calls it) in a leafy log. We can hold onto some of the spikier rocks and the log, but the floor is slippery and the smooth rocks are hard to get a grip on. The seaweed is easy to get grip on, but it moves. There is rocks,
    rocks, and rocks, but there is no sand or dirt. But there is always enough rocks to go around. Especially because they only need to go to me and Bowser.

  24. I really like your entry I thought it was inpressive!I will see you at school tomorrow!

  25. 1. I have sharp claws and a rounded carapice with brown spots. My carapice is light gray. There are black spots on the carapice.

    2.Yertle is being piggy -backed by Bowser. Also Yertle gets chased by Bowser at the end, and not moving around spending more time on the rocks.

    3. I live in a place for hiding. My tank gets rearranged every week, and there are new hiding spots every week. The best hiding place is inside of the log because whenever I hide from Bowser he never finds me. There is a place to hold on. It is on the outside of the log.

    There is no sand but, a lot of rocks in the tank. We like the rocks alot, especially the purple rock. A few weeks ago we were fighting over it for the warmth of the lamp light.

  26. Hi my name’s Yertle and I am a Blanding’s turtle, Today I was bored so I looked at Bowser, my brother, and noticed that his bright yellow neck forms into little bright yellow spots before it turns black and on his back his hexagon things (don’t know what they’re called) have little sunbursts in them but they’re not that much brighter than his shell so he can still blend in with the leaves and dirt.
    I just sat on the yellow rock looking at my surroundings but then I felt like going down. I crawled around a for a little bit; climbing rocks and climbing down, stuff like that. I like to climb rocks because it strengthens my legs and arms so when I get released (no!) I can run faster when there are predators nearby. I live in a tank with Bowser with a cool mini log that I can climb through and there are weeds in the deeper water and some plants. I can hide in the mini log if Bowser is chasing me and he might not find me and when I’m on a rock Bowser might sneak up and climb on me so I cling on to the rock (unless it’s too big) so I won’t fall down. There is no sand so when I fall off a rock it kinda hurts.

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