A Day in the Life of…..

Our turtles had an interesting day in the tank on Monday.  I believe one of you once said that after their tank is cleaned out on Mondays that they are very active.

So, take a look at this video.  IT SHOULD KNOW BE ACTIVE TO EVERYONE. Then, write a little story from the point of view of one of the turtles.  Make sure if you use dialogue, that you use it correctly.  Here’s a link for you to remember those rules.


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    One day in the tank I was on top of Yertle asking him to give me a piggy back ride but he said no and to get off of his shell. I really wanted a piggy back ride and Yertle will usually give me one but maybe he just was not in the mood for it right now. I kept on asking him to do it. I was really losing my patience just waiting there for Yertle to give me a piggy back ride. I asked him again and he said to be quiet and leave him alone well I was really getting mad because I have been waiting there for just about the whole day. I now swam away to the amazing purple rock I climbed up the purple rock stayed up there a little while then jumped off of it as if it were a diving board but not the bouncy kind of diving board though. I did this a couple times but if I was not in the mood for a piggy back ride I would be doing this all day. I was getting a little cold so I swam to the rock under the also amazing heater to bask. I was watching Yertle now preparing to attack him when Yertle turned away to look at whoever was looking at him I lunged myself at Yertle Yertle screamed because he was not expecting this. I slipped off of Yertle’s wet shell and splashed into the water. Then Yertle made a run for it. Yertle bumped into a small rock and slightly moved it but he just shook it off and kept on swiming as fast as he could. Since I was a little behind to the side when Yertle moved the rock I also crashed into the rock as well. Oh no Yertle made it into the strange looking cave that always seems to move after our tank gets cleaned. Come on! the tank got cleaned today and some student had put a rock right at the entrance so it was totally blocked off. While I was trying to wait Yertle out I was starting to wonder how Yertle got in the strange cave entrance. I was getting tired of waiting Yertle out because thats all I have been doing all day is waiting for Yertle to give me a piggy back ride. OK Yertle come on out I said I was again getting ready to attack Yertle I swam as fast as I could swim I was trying to go as fast as a motor boat could. I crashed right into the rock and then fell back making another big splash. I bet it looked a little stupid so I just went back to basking under the amazing heater.

  2. From the point of view of Bowser.

    I have captured Yertle once and for all. I am on top of him and intend to keep it that way. Yertle starts to move.

    He escapes! “Grrrrrrrrrr,”I yell at Yertle. I dash after him. He gets stuck a little. I almost capture him. I don’t and he dashes into the cave.

    Knowing I can’t capture him I don’t chase him any more. I find a rock to sit on to wait for my prey. I wait. And I wait. And I wait. Until I give up and fall asleep.

  3. From Yertle’s Perspective
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Bowser was on top of me, once again. It was one of his favorite things to do to me. Me on the bottom, never on the top. I’d love to be on the top, squashing Bowser. So much fun! Bowser really hurts when he is on top of me. He’s heavier then me, Bowser is. I always wait for a chance to climb on him, but of course I never get the chance.
    “Hey, Bowser,” I tried, “would you please get off my shell? Could I get on yours? You know, to have a taste of your own medicine. You know?”
    Bowser grunted in reply.
    “Was that a yes? Maybe?”
    Bowser growled.
    “Sorry, Bowser bro, but I didn’t understand you. Would you repeat that?”
    “No, no, no, no, and no.”
    “Thanks, Bowser. Grrrrrrrrrr. Bowser, do you know how much that hurts? Do you?”
    Ho hum. I really wanted to climb on Bowser’s big shell and squeeze him hard. That would teach him and also be a lot of fun. But what was not so much fun was right now, the present. Not the future, the present. So, think, Yertle. How to get away.
    I scrambled out from under Bowser and swam quickly over to a smooth rock I crashed into a little bit. That didn’t stop me, though. The tough, brave, mighty Yertle! I thought. I quickly went into the log perfect for hiding and waited. And waited.
    What is Bowser doing outside? I wondered. Is he peeking around the corner ready to attack me? Basking in the fabulous heat of the heater? By the way, the fabulous heater is five starred by me, tough, brave, mighty Yertle. This log I’m hiding in is also five starred by tough brave, mighty Yertle. The spectacular purple rock is also five starred.
    Many things in this home is five starred. Everything is cool. Speaking of cool, I’m cool. Not rock star cool (although I am) but cold cool. If only I could swim over to the fabulous heat of the heater. But what about Bowser? I peeked out. Bowser was looking as calm as ever.
    Maybe this is my time! I thought. I slowly swam out of the log and sneaked behind Bowser. Bowser didn’t notice me, didn’t hear a sound. Now how does Bowser do it? Oh, yeah. Move back Yertle, and, and, and…
    “Yes!” I shouted. Bowser moved around. “Yehaw!” I was riding Bowser like a cowboy! At last!
    “How do you like that, Bowser bro? Ha ha ha!” At last, the tough, brave, mighty Yertle was on top of Bowser! At last.

  4. Bowsers point of veiw

    I have captued Yertle and I will not let him get away.”What”,Yertle has just pushed me off and he in getting away I chase him.Butt just as he turnes around the tunnel rock My path gets blocked by a orange rock”You won’t escape next time”,I

  5. Bowser’s point of view
    I had a lot of energy and decided to pick on Yertle. I climbed on her back and said, “I have you now Yertle for once and all.”
    I grasped Yertle on her shell and hit her on the head.
    “Ouchy,” cried Yertle, who swam and swam as fast as she could to the hollow log.
    I chased after her, but a rock got in my way and I got stuck on the rock.
    “I’ll get you next time,” I said.
    After all that wrestling, I was very tired, so I took a nap.

  6. Bowsers point of veiw

    I have captured Yertle and I will not let him get away.”What”!
    Yertle has just pushed me off and he is getting away,I chase him.But just as he turnes around the tunnel rock, my path gets blocked by an orange rock.
    Here’s my chance”,Yertle said,
    and he quickly swooped past into the tunnel rock.”You won’t escape next time”,I said,
    And I swam away.

  7. I am Yertle.

    When I climb on top of a rock, my brother or sister Bowser pounces on top of me. When I finally squirm out of his/her reach, I run for dear life with Bowser right behind me looking like he or she was about to attack. I run under the log. When I get chance to catch my breath I peer around the corner to see both of Bowser’s beady eyes staring at me and ready to make me into his dinner. Even though Bowser has done this many times before, this is the scariest moment of my life (even though my life has been so short anyway and it hasn’t really had many moments).
    Is Bowser trying to kill me? What Does Bowser want? I wonder.

  8. I am EC4 thinking that I am Yertle:
    Bowser is my sibling that tends to be bigger, longer, heaver and stronger than I am. And with that being said I spend most of my day with Bowser on top of me. When I finally get free I swim as fast as I can (with Bowser chasing me) until I reach the log that I crawl under. When I get there Bowser does not go under there with me he/she just stands there waiting for me to come back out again (I do not really know why he does not come under there and start chasing me.) Anyway it can get pretty scary knowing that Bowser is out there waiting for me but at least it is better than having he/she chase me around. If that happened then the whole thing would just keep going again, and again starting with when Bowser gets on top of me, then chasing around the tank trying to get me and ending with when he/she gets on top of me again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Well I don’t want to waste any more time so I am just going to think that you get the point but if you don’t just keep thinking again, and again until you really do get the point.

  9. From Bowser’s point of view

    On Monday morning I asked Yertle if he wanted to play reselling he said yes so I chased him he said leave me alone I told him no. I want to play then he started to run the only chose I had was to chase him because I thought it was part of the game .To hold him down I jumped on his back finally got a grip on his shell then he yelled at me it sounded like this “get off of me or else “.I was scared I asked “or else what”. “ I do not know “. Then I felt Yertles cold back move he was running away that no fun lizard. He ran away in to the to hide from me.

  10. sorry this is ec3 not Ec7 sorry for the mix up

  11. The Point of view from Bowser

    So on Monday I simply asked my bother (Yertle), if he would give me a piggy-back-ride but he didn’t answer. Honestly I toke it as a yes, so I jumped on his back but apparently he didn’t like it. But if you are brothers you don’t listen to one an other. So I didn’t. Instead of Yertle saying” Yo Bowser can you please get off my back. It kind of hurts.” Instead of saying that, he just rudely tipped me off and swam away from me. I just thought that was plain ole selfish. He ran into MY secret hiding place and stayed there. I thought that was mean so I went onto his yellow rock and acted like he was being a meany pants. If mom were here I would totally tell of him. Sitting on the yellow rock made me angry. That Monday, I knew was the WORST day of my life!

  12. Yertle’s Point of View
    Oh boy. Bowser is on top of me again. I’m going to trick him and then swim out fro under him and leave him on his back, hopeless.
    “Oh Bowser, I am getting rather uncomfortable under here. Can you very kindly move closer to my tail?”
    He’s so dumb. ZOOM! “HAHA DUMBOW” swim, swim.
    “Ouch, Hay!”
    Oh no! he is not on his back and hopeless like I planed him to be. I’ll go into this cave that always moves on Mondays. Or is it Friday? Whatever, Bowser is so dumb that he thinks that he can’t get around that small rock. I have to use this time to hide.
    Bowser’s Point of View
    How do I get over this rock?! I want to get back on to Yertle’s back because I really was comfortable there. He tricked me!
    Yertle’s Point of View
    Wow, he is only realizing that I cleverly tricked him now!
    Great! I made it to he end of the cave and Bowser doesn’t know where I am! Victory is mine!
    “Yertle! Where are you!?

    • EC11, I really like yours because I like that you switched perspectives, Yertle and then Bowser, then back to Yertle. I also like your story because it is really funny.

  13. I am SO angry!
    Earlier today, Yertle was hiding something
    and I’m positive that it had to do with food. I had pined him down asking
    for a answer but he wouldn’t give in. Then
    with one mighty push Yertle had thrown me off
    and was swimming for his life throwing rocks out of the way. I chased him around the tank screaming “get back here.” Then Yertle made a move that I should have known that
    he would have done…he went under the log. Anyone who has common sense would know
    not to follow him in there cause it’s like his personal territory. So I just sat on the nearest
    rock and waited… and waited… and waited. I waited so long that it felt like days. eventually
    I decided that he would have to come out some time soon. I got comfy and waited some more… waiting some more…
    waiting some more… nodding off.

  14. Told from the eye of Bowser.

    It was a normal day at first, just sitting on a grey and white rock and basking in the heat with Yertle. But of course that was not enough for me, Bowser. I pushed on Yertle and she made a run for it. She dashed off around some big rocks that strangely move every once in a while and I swam after her. The race was on! Yertle swam past the smooth orange rock that was strangely placed in the middle of our path. Just as I was going to catch Yertle she kicked the smooth orange rock into the middle of the path as she slid past like the little snake she is (pardon my language. I don’t always speak about my sister this way) “What mean humans! Why would they put that rock there when I was at the peak of catching Yertle?” I thought.
    Yertle dashed into my special tunnel while I sat there, feeling defeated. I stared into my tunnel to see if Yertle would come out, but she didn’t. Oh well, at least I got to have the whole heater to myself.

  15. From Bowser’s point of view-

    Every Monday some giants come and clean our tank and move our furniture.So,on Monday I asked Yertle for a turtle-back-ride.
    “Not at all” he said.
    I did not expect this so I thought he was kidding and flung myself onto Yertle.A moment later he wriggled away and swam with all he might. Then ‘BANG’ he crashed into the yellow rock and since I was so close behind him I banged into it too.In the meantime Yertle escaped and sat inside the safe mossy ,brown log.I just sat feeling dizzy.
    But that will keep on happening between us.

  16. 1. I think Blanding’s turtles are on the threatened species list because they are likely to go extinct in the future. Wetlands are the main habitat for Blanding’s turtles and they are drying up and people are building houses on them.

    2. There are 54 different kinds of species on the list for Concord and surprisingly only 3 of them are reptiles.

    3. I think that fun books like pop up books and drawing books could help people in Concord and Massachusetts learn about Blanding’s turtles.

    Today I had nothing to do.
    I was watching Yertle snap at his bubbles.
    Then suddenly a brilliant idea came to my mind.
    I said ” Hey Yertle can you do me a tiny Favor?”I said
    I said”Come next to me!” Yertle swam to me.
    “What now” asked Yertle.
    “Now don’t move” I said.
    “Okay” said Yertle.
    Right after that I leaped at Yertle.
    I went on top of Yertle’s shell.
    Yertle yelped.
    I had made Yertle go completely nuts.
    He went right then left trying to shake me off.
    “You can’t get me off” I said.
    Then suddenly Yertle stopped.
    “Come on move!” I yelled at Yertle.
    Yertle did not move.
    “I think we will have to go the hard way!” I said and bit him.
    Yertle yelped and made me slip off and he ran under the same old cave.
    I really want to know why that turtle loves the cave because isn’t caves post to be cold and creepy with all those bats?
    I waited and waited and waited and waited until I drifted off to sleep

  18. From Bowser’s point of view:
    Yertle and I had just finished a game of hide and seek. We agreed that we should play another round, but we both wanted to be seeker. Finally I resolved it by tackling Yertle and biting him.
    Just then I noticed that the lady who feeds us on Mondays was pointing a gray rectangle thingy at us, but I quickly returned to chase Yertle for he took that second to paddle away.
    I waddled as fast as I could but Yertle was still faster.( I told myself to take a note to go on a diet it might be useful if I ever chase Yertle again.) Yertle squeezed passed the orange rock and moved it in the exact position where the only way for me to get around was to climb on top of it. I got half way up, but then gave up.(Another reason why I should go on a diet.)

  19. Let me introduce myself: my name is Bowser and one day I stood on a rock and launched myself like a rocket onto Yerrtles back. Then I rode him like a bronco, flinging me off like a stone in a catapult. Then ran like the wind into what I call the bat cave. I stopped to catch my breath it’s going to be like this all day.

  20. Yertle’s point of view.
    Bowser is lying on me like snow on the ground. Then, when Bowser gets completely on top of me, I get away quickly. Then I scuttle away and hit a rock. It moves a little. Then I swim around it and enter the log. Bowser hits the rock, but climbs on it. He looks around a little trying to find me. I poke my head out from on the other side between the log and a rock.

  21. Bowser’s point of view

    Yertle was about to give me a piggy back ride but then he squirmed away and swam under the log. He didn’t come out for a while, so I guess he was taking a nap. Normally, I would be the one under there taking a nap. But I guess from giving me so many he piggy back rides he probably got tired. I crept from the back of the log and then BOO!! I scared him so hard that he almost flipped over. “Please oh please give me a piggy back ride” I whined to him. “Only if you give me one after.” I thought about this. I wondered if really it was more fun to give them a piggy back ride. So I said “fine.” I was having so much fun bumping up and down on Yertle’s back. Then, all of a sudden he said “My turn.” right in my face just to annoy me. Yertle climbed up on my back and I started swimming all around and bumping up and down. But it wasn’t more fun then riding on Yertle’s back. But like they say a deal’s a deal.

  22. From Yertle’s point of view

    I was happily swimming along when Bowser came up to me and said,” I’m gonna get you Yertle!” I had no idea why he started chasing me so I hurried to the log. “ahh!” I yell as Bowser climbs on top of me. I couldn’t escape because Bowser is bigger than me. Then when he stops I burst out from under him and stumble in the log and Bowser keeps watch from on a yellow rock. I don’t know if I can run any more!

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